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Top 6 reasons why people become a driving instructor with 123 Driving School

  • ​Freedom to Work Your Own Hours
  • You are your own boss
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Earn while you learn
  • Part of our growing successful team
  • We love our job, you can too

Trust us to help you be successful in your new career​​

The Freedom to choose…

With a career as a driving instructor you can be your own boss, work the hours that you choose, so if you work more you get paid more! The main thing is it’s on your terms you choose, hours, days, holidays, everything!

Day to day life is very rewarding when you see the learners you’ve trained; take the journey from being unable to set off properly in a car, to passing their driving test. It’s the best feeling in the world when your learner, looks at you with a big smile on their face, shows you that pass certificate and shares that moment of sheer happiness with you. It’s something that you’ll never tire of seeing!
Being self-employed gives you the kind of freedom you just can’t get when you are an employee. What you do and when you do it is up to you! Having the option to choose what you do and when is often over looked, but when you have it, its a great feeling. Never miss an important family occasion again!  
All our franchised driving instructors have the freedom to make their own decisions while being supported and given the full backing of 123 Driving School. – The best of both worlds, freedom and support!

Helen now has the Freedom…

Helen Keighley.

123 Driving School Instructor, 

Now enjoying the "freedom"

I was looking for a flexible new career, so I could look after the grandkids and have a better work-life balance

I started my training with 123 Driving School and I was impressed how flexible the training options were, allowing me to start my training around my current commitments.
I found the company and its trainers to be both friendly and highly professional, these have been qualities that I have found in all aspects of training and working with 123 Drive.
The training I received allowed me to discover my own training style which helped me develop my skills and confidence, the whole process was focused on my needs not what they wanted. Since completing my training and passing the tests, I’m happy to say I now work as a driving instructor for
I found the training was top notch and would highly recommend them to anybody who wanted to become a driving instructor. They gave me all the help and support and went over and above what I expected in terms of support and availability.”

A ‘family’ business…

We recently asked our instructors what they liked most about being a driving instructor at 123 Driving School, the one thing that came up again and again was they liked that they felt part of a family and not just a number. This is something that Chris had in mind right from the start, back in 2010 when 123 Driving School was started.

The team take pride in knowing each other individually and regularly meet up at monthly social meetings, training sessions and for a chat or coffee. Your success is as important to us as it is to you, that is why we not only offer you the training to become a fully qualified driving instructor but we also guarantee you a position with our driving school if you choose to take it. It important to choose a driving school that can:

  • ​Deliver the training you need to become a driving instructor
  • The support and mentoring you need to develop your skills
  • The pupils to teach once you are ready for them
  • Ongoing support and training / CPD
  • A team you can trust to have your best interests at heart.

Our business is operated by a close knit team Chris Richards, Samantha Richards (married to Chris) and Colin (Chris’ dad). We will work hard to keep you happy and your diarys full of paying customers when you qualify to teach. While you are training to become a driving instructor we are always available to help and support your training.

Sam and Colin work in the office dealing day to day running of the business and booking in lessons for our driving instructors. While Chris splits his time between the office and instructor training. We also have Steve Daley who teaches instructors at the part 2 stage.

The fact that we are a local caring driving school business means that we have to be very transparent, in everything we do, we will only train instructors in the areas that we are sure can handle the extra demand that a new instructor would need, not only get a full diary but also to keep it full and not affect any other instructors we have in that area. In short, we care about YOU and all our driving instructors. If you are not happy then we are not! We will always strive to have a happy team. 

If you want to know more just fill in your details below and we will let you know if we have space in your area for you to join our successful happy family team.




what is it like to train and work as a driving instructor?

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Still not sure…

A day in the life of a driving instructor.
You can always sit in the back of a few lessons, talk to our existing driving instructors and get a feel for what its like to be a driving instructor. Its a big step but very rewarding and for the right person its a dream job! We love teaching people to drive and if you think you will to then give us a call and have a chat on 08000 862 123